Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tinsel paintings

This is another wonderful old type of painting on glass. You paint with transparant oils on the reverse side of the glass. When the painting is completely dry, (in the old days they would take the tinsel that came from decorating the Christmas tree) and lay it on the reverse of the glass on top of the painting,(today you can just crinkle some aluminum foil). Flip it over and frame it. I have a couple different pictures I will add to show how pretty this is.
One if a painting of an antique doll, the other is a transom window from an old house, I painted different flowers in each of 4 panes.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful..love glitter..never heard of tinsel painting? Congrats on blog.
Congrats on blog I will add your link.
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Stay warm! Denise