Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Third try never fails...

I am new at blogging, I think I like it, although I can't seem to get beyond the first page. Blogs are usually interesting and informative, my goal will be to make mine the same.

Let me tell you a little about myself, I started painting over 30 something years ago. I have tried all mediums and love each and every one of them. My first was a very old lost art called "Wingcraft" it was done on toleware (old tinware) trays, apple trays, candlesconces, clocks, and even some very fine furniture. Wingcraft is a 4 step process that entails many hours of painting and waiting (drying times between layers). The first step was to paint a very small part of the design with copal painting medium mixed with lining powders, these powders came in differend shades of gold, copper, chrome, white gold etc. while this was tacky you dab on a coarse powder and let dry, hours later it is time to shade your design with transparent oil paints, the colors were usually done in earth tones of ocher, umber,sienna etc. again hours sometimes days later it was time for the final step of a fine shellac, then a pumice rub. When completed these were beautiful. I have added a pic of an apple dish.

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Devonia said...

Pat, LOVE this tray!!!! Love the tinsel too but this tray is my fave. I have a treasure trove of antique bronzing powders in the wonderful old cans and packages found in a small little wood chest that once belonged to a "carriage painter". I believe it would also work for antique style tolepainting. This is fascinating and I appreciate your sharing it.